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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Running Log 8/4/07

Course: "Kiddie Park and Back"
(Track my progress on Google Maps here)

Distance: 2.7 Miles
Time run: 00:27:05
Start time: 8:59 a.m.
Temp: 75 deg.
Goal: Condell Distance Classic 5K 9/16/07
Best running song today: Anything by Bad Religion!

A great run overall. Absolutely no pain anywhere and I kept a steady rhythm overall. I knew there was a reason I stopped at two beers watching baseball last night!

There are two small hills on each side of the run which made it a challenge, but the downhills were nice. I know not to look so far down my route, as it looks like it would take me forever to get where I'm going.

The sun is VERY warm running east on this route, but the east wind coming off of the small lake made it a bit more comfortable after the 1 mile mark.

I walked the first five minutes at the beginning and the end for warmup and cool down, but I'm going to see how how I feel doing away with those.

Still going to shoot for just over 20 minutes on this route, and then stretch it to 3 miles later in the week.

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