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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goodbye Lakehurst Cinemas

Like its neighbor Lakehurst Mall a few years ago, the cinemas next door are being demolished today.

This was a happening place before Gurnee Mills came in. I don't have too many fond memories of this place, but if I wasn't at Lakehurst mall, I was probably here watching a movie.

That's all there was to do in Waukegan back in the day.

I believe a hotel chain is going up in its place.

See ya later ol' friend.

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Blogger j said...

one of my fondest memories was doing donuts in the back parking lot one winter. :P

it will be missed nonetheless...

2:25 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

I think I remember when the mall got demolished... I'd never been. It's always a little sad to see places like that go, though. Like your memories are being demolished right along with the building. That happened with an old park I used to go to as a kid. They built a McDonald's on the property. So lame.

2:20 AM


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