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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

Lynn, Matt, me and Kiersten behind the camera Justin & Kelly's Road Rally.

This year was a nice change compared to last since since I didn’t do anything for Halloween in 2008. If I can remember far back enough (in no order), I've been a vampire, werewolf, an X-Files alien, a wizard, Zorro, knight, devil, a rock n' roll star, and this year I was a fireman. Ever since I was a kid putting out backyard fires with a garden hose, have I wanted to be one.

The Halloween festivities started with a Halloween themed scavenger hunt hosted by friends Kelly & Justin on Oct. 24. Justin's parents did a wonderful job in putting together a daunting list of puzzles and hunts throughout the Gurnee/Grayslake/Libertyville area. Five teams of four hit the streets with a three hour limit to gather as many clues as possible for the most points at the end.

I was the driver for Team 4. We figured a decent strategy would be gather up the clues in close proximity to each other at each location. Once we were done with one area, we'd move on to the next. Well, it didn't work to well, and we didn't win, but it was a great time. Nobody got arrested and no property was destroyed- I think.

The holiday ended a week later on the 31st with trick or treating and handing out candy with the family, and a party at Matt & Vicki's- friends of Katie and I- later that evening. Lots of good treats to eat, awesome costumes, and a game of "Are you a warewolf?". I won't go into too much detail on how it's played, but its tons of fun around a campfire or backyard fire pit!

Thanksgiving is next, imagine that! I started seeing Christmas merchandise in the stores in early October. That was a bit much, I think. I'm not a winter person at all, and I hope it goes by quickly.

Click here for the photos!

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