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Friday, March 16, 2007

Staying Connected with Mergic VPN

I've been enjoying an extended weekend off of work this Thursday and Friday. I've had a hefty workload at the job as of late, so it's nice to step away for a couple of days.

I have complete confidence in my team taking care of any problems that may come up while I'm gone, but there can be a few things I'll need to get involved in from time to time when I'm away.

I always have my trusty laptop with me should I need to use it in an emergency, but when it's tucked away in the trunk of my car, my Treo 700P connects me to my network at the office should an emergency come up.

The two Palm apps that are critical for this to happen are Mergic's MergicVPN and the open source PalmVNC client. MergicVPN allows me to make a secure VPN connection to my office network, allowing me to control my office PC with the PalmVNC client loaded on my Treo.

PalmVNC is free while MergicVPN is $29.99 with a free 15-day trial. Both are Palm OS apps.

The configuration for both apps is fairly easy once you plug in the proper firwall and VPN information. The two work seamlessly and quickly together over Sprints high-speed data network. I am able to immediately see the desktop of my office PC once MergicVPN registers itself with my office VPN server. The screen refreshes itself rather quickly, and I'm able to use the mouse with a combination of key presses and my stylus.

Fortunately, I haven't had to use it an emergency yet, but it's nice knowing I can connect anytime, anywhere.

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