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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well... I caved and bought the new 2nd generation black 8 gig iPod Nano and loving it. I struggled with either getting this or the larger hard-drive based video iPod, but I realized that I really don't need my entire music library with me at all times, and I watch video on my Treo anyway. Thanks to services such as Avvenu and Orb, I have access to all of my music no matter where I am with an internet connection.

My old hard-drive based iPod started skipping songs, and made some slight clicking noises on occasion, probably telling me that it was time to put it to rest. It's now a spare USB drive for my laptop.

The new Nano is absolutely gorgeous. It's such a simple design and it just works. One annoying problem with syncing my Treo 700P with iTunes was that it loaded the songs out of order, and since I need to listen to the order of the JstreetRADIO playlist, it's critical the songs play in the order people will hear them on the air.

It's small enough to carry anywhere and while working out (more on that later!). My only real complaint is that the wheel doesn't have a backlight which makes it difficult to see what button your pressing in the dark- it's a bit disappointing. Oh well, I'd figure they can't cram too much into that tiny case anyway.

Now if they would just invent a Treo case that will piggyback my Nano on to it... hmmm... I smell an invention coming...



Blogger kellybelly said...

The wheel on the video iPods don't have a backlight either. I think that feature disappeared back in the 4th generation.

6:22 PM


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