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Friday, October 06, 2006

Superman Returns in 3D!

Superman Returns 3D

I found this funny photo taken on my Treo after seeing the Imax 3D version of Superman Returns in Lincolnshire. It was a bit dissapointing to see only two or three parts of the entire film in actual 3D- mostly the action sequences. A small icon that looked like a pair of glasses would appear on the screen when it was time to put them on. Still, the 3D experience was unique, but if I was to choose between this and the regular version of the film, I'd choose the regular.

I still think that the beginning action sequence of this Superman film ranks as one of the most heart-pounding next to the opening of Saving Private Ryan. I was literally gasping for air near the end of the opening sequence after all that was going on. Leaving the theatre made me wish I had a cape and could fly.

Superman is my hero!


Anonymous lany said...

batman is better.

4:02 PM

Blogger Jesse Mendoza- Editor in Chief said...

I was partial to Spiderman, but Superman's got him beat!

10:45 AM


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