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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I win! I win! Thanks Treo...

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The best thing about using Chatteremail with MS Exchange mail sync is immediate delivery of my corporate email to my Treo. Yea, how boring is that, right?

The usual buzz goes off on my phone during a meeting. I was expecting an email to help answer some questions during said meeting when I see it's from our HR department.

According to the email, a customer of ours donated 4 tickets to the Cubs vs. Brewers game at Wrigley on Aug. 28, and HR was having an impromptu contest to win them via our email system.

The contest was to guess a number between 1 and 300. The one to guess the correct one, or the closest without going over, wins all four.

I took a wild guess of '152' within 5 seconds of the initial email, and hit send on my Treo using Chatter.

Chatter starts to receive replies from seemingly EVERYONE in the office...

But alas, the final email says, I won!

How cool is that? 152, right on the dot. It's my lucky day. And to think just a few days ago I was struggling to find just one ticket to this series!

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