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Friday, April 02, 2010

Road to recovery

No sleeves day at last.

It's been a long road to recovery.

Here I am, almost seven weeks after experiencing pain in the hip flexor muscle on my left leg, and am feeling much better. I had had enough, and ended up taking a two week break from doing anything to aggravate it. I did quite a bit of upper body work, which was good and all, but you can only do so much until you get the urge to run, run, run.


I gave myself until this past Monday to give in and get medical attention, or go for a run to gauge how much pain I'd be in and go from there. Three miles later, I was all smiles with zero pain, and just a little bit of stiffness. Rest on Tuesday, still no pain.

Four miles on Wednesday, and another two miles this Friday, and still no pain.

Granted, I've been doing sets of a 3x2 minute run/walk combo. Friday, I brought it up to 4x1 run/walk. I'll be doing this for another week after this weekend.

Getting injured during winter training seems to be the norm the past three years. What else am I going to do? I have to run on treadmills. I suppose I just have to take it easy, or work on a different cross-training routine.

So, things are looking up. Sadly, I will be missing the Rockford Marathon yet again, and instead turning my focus to the Madison to Chicago 200 Mile Relay in June.

The weather is turning awesome, and I'm ready to hit up some races.

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