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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fishing Days

The "Haug Tank" at the Chicagoland Outdoor Show

I skipped over to the outdoor the weekend of the 21st. to see what's new in the world of outdoor life. I haven't been to this show in over 5 years so I was excited to relive my hardcore fishing days.

I spent quite a bit of time fishing a few years ago when I was participating in bass tournaments through a fishing club I was in. I didn't win anything but came close quite a few times fishing some of the waters in this area. I swore last year that I'd do more of it but only got to go out a few times due to "technical difficulties."

I'm going to make it a point, again, to go out fishing a bit more this summer. I suppose my $50 gift card to Bass Pro will come in handy very soon here!


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