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Friday, February 17, 2006

Favorite Links...

Ah the Internet... I'm seemingly connected to it almost 24 hours a day- made even more possible by an always Internet-connected Treo smartphone.

Lately I've been scouring the Internet doing research for the radio show, and ran in to two websites that will be at the very top of my list for news gathering.

Yes. I'm a news junkie. - I've known about this site for a while now, but I never really payed much attention to it until I needed a place to keep my bookmarks in one place when I'm at different computers. This is basically what Delicious does (yes the periods are a pain to type).

The site allows you to collect and store your bookmarks all in one place. You can even share them with friends, or scan through someone else's bookmarks to find new stuff.

The tags really make this site shine and you can tag your own links to group them all together.

It's fast and a godsend.

Check out my bookmarks here. Feel free to look around!

Digg - The ultimate news junkie site! The site gathers news stories from around the world submitted by registered users. You can either submit your own news stories, or "Digg" the ones you dig. The more diggs a story gets, the higher the possibility it will show up on the front page of the site.

News stories are grouped together in subjects ranging from gaming, music, movies, technology, and more.

And my bonus favorite Internet discovery:

Pandora - This site allows you to create your own radio station depending on what kind of music you like. Pick a band and the player finds artists that sound similar to what you've picked. It then creates a 'station' based on your choices.

You can also create a favorites list, and buy the CD's on Amazon or iTunes.

All of these site are free with registration.

Very cool!


Blogger kellybelly said...

I love Besides keeping track of sites I like to visit, I use it to update the bookmarks section of my site.

If you use iTunes and listen to your iPod a lot, you should check out It keeps track of everything you listen to (via a plugin) and makes charts for top artists, etc. My page shows who I've been listening to lately.

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