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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Fun Continues...

I stole this bulletin from Jonny Pekkarinen's Myspace...

Just a few events you should be doing this summer if you're in Lake County:

"Upcoming Events July 28th and August 4th

So, as usual, Summer is quickly cruising by. So in order for you to maximize your party time, I figured I would post this blog to inform as to some hot spots to rock.

First of all, this Saturday at the Up North Pub in Waukegan, The Jonny/Reggie Motovun Duo will be opening for 17 Years. aka Drivin' South. This is a guaranteed good time as the Drivin' South will be playing every single song they have EVER written. They gonna bring it funky old school. Showtime is 9pm. There will be a cover at the Door. which will probably be the back door man.

Saturday at Noon I will be at the Waukegan Beach. I funna kick it real chill and just chillax lakeside. Get ready for the show. I plan on also hitting the beach on Sunday after the Mayhem that will be Saturday nite.

NOW, most important . . . August 4th. Saturday. It has come to my attention that I have NOTHING planned for a Saturday. Which leads me to the conclusion that it will be the perfect day for a MASSIVE BEACH PARTY!!! I am for real about this people. I will be bringing a grill and plenty of beverages and I plan on spending the WHOLE DAY and well Into the night on the beach. If you are wise, you will join me. I will have the guitar. I will bring a frisbee. IT will be a party like you've never witnessed before but ONLY if every single one of you shows up. So get with this. Let's make it a summer party to remember for EVER and EVER.

If that is not enough for you . . . on August 11th there is ROCK FEST at the Waukegan Beach. ANOTHER chance to enjoy the beach baby. Rockfest starts at 3pm and Goes until. 10pm. After wards there will be an after party at the Burgundy Room. You dig? with performances by Bug and Sam from 1908. Myself. My brother and some dude named Rob. You got that? Get with it.

Also, August 18th Gipsy King's at Ravinia. Let the party continue."

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