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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Running Log 9/8/07

UPDATE: I ran a 3.1 miler in 30 mins. 43 seconds with little discomfort in my knee. I was being careful and going just under my 5K speed at around 6 mph, so it makes me a happy camper. I'm still a little sore, but I'm better off than I thought I'd be.

I've suffered a minor setback.

I'm getting a sharp pain in my lower quadricep muscle just above my right knee during my runs as of late. I've cranked up my workouts ahead of my 5K race on Sept. 16, so I'm hoping it's just an aggravated muscle or tendon.

The funny thing is is that it doesn't bother me any other time. I have no pain when I walk, sit up/down, climb stairs, or any other activity that doesn't involve running. It also doesn't last long after my run. But still, when there is pain, it means something is wrong and you should slow down or stop. It seems minor, but I'd rather be safe, so I'm taking it slow and concentrating my stretches along that right side.

With the race a week away, I'd like to get another long run in, maybe two. It's all going to depend on what my knee tells me. I'm hoping that with a light workout and some rest it will go away (crosses fingers).

The new clothing I bought that is specialized for activities such as running makes a world of difference as to how I feel during my workouts. No more sweat-soaked shirts (gross, I know) to bog me down.

I'm off to ice up my knee and rest it up before my next trip to the gym tomorrow.

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