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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Kansas City, MO trip

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I'm writing this as I'm back home from a trip to Kansas City, MO for a family wedding. Unfortunately, I don't have much to talk about the wedding, or photos to post, because the wedding didn't happen. The bride and groom are still a unit, mind you, but there were a series of "uncontrollable circumstances" that took place that prevented the wedding from going forward. It makes for good story telling.

It turned out to be an informal reunion of the Mendoza's (my dad's side). Family came from all over including Houston, TX. and Mexico where a majority of my family on my dad's side reside. We didn't get the news of the cancellation until Friday morning as we were getting dressed up. Needless to say, we ended up "dressing down" and joining the family at the mother of the bride's home.

Not all was lost, though. I saw family that I haven't seen since my trip to Mexico nearly 25 years ago (has it been that long??). I barely remember the faces and names, but I gathered some good memories that I'd lost since I was there.

You see, I was born in Mexico. My mother brought me to the United States when I was about 3 years old. She wanted a better life for me than what she had growing up, and to make me an American citizen (which I am) and make something of my life.

My father soon joined my mother and I shortly thereafter and we made our way to Waukegan, which is where I grew up, and was where most of my mother's family lived. When I was 18, as I was leaving for work early one morning, my father came outside to help start my car (it was winter), and told me that he was leaving, and would be back soon. He never did.

I've only spoken to my father off and on since then, and know that he now lives in Houston, Texas, and is doing well. At the gathering I learned a bit more about my father and mother's life growing up in Mexico, how they met, and my brief life there with them (I am the oldest of three children) before coming to the United States. I never really knew how big of a family I had, but the roots are deep and I am happy to be discovering them all again.

I was invited to stay with family in Mexico when I decide to make the trip back there. I've decided that it may be the next big trip I take next year, God willing. I would like to see my birthplace, the people, and the beautiful countryside as they describe it. One thing I remember very well is how grand and beautiful the churches are. I always said as a kid that I wanted to get married in one of them someday.

God willing, I will go back in what I expect will be a completely spiritual experience.

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