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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Resco Backup Saves the Day

I'm a happy owner of a Treo 755P, and up to this point, it has been solid as a rock- that is until 5:45 a.m. this morning.

I was sound asleep until I noticed something flashing in front of me as I was coming out of my slumber. I initially thought my alarm clock had lost power and was flashing at me as it normally does when that happens (it sits next to me on the bed). As I open my eyes further, I can see my 755P's screen flashing the "Access" logo in an endless loop sitting in its dock. Over and over.

I panicked.

Normally, I wouldn't bother with it until I actually got up. The only problem with this morning's scenario is that I had to drive to Kansas City, MO. in TWO HOURS! I MUST be able to use TomTom GPS on my Treo for this trip! Must I resort to printing out Google maps on paper? OH, THE HUMANITY!

I try a soft reset- nothing. Take the battery out- nothing. Bang on it- nothing. Kiss it- nothing. It's about as dead as dead can be. I did load maps on it earlier in the day, but it never caused a problem before??? I was confused.

The only thing left to do? A dreaded hard reset. Ouch. I'm due to jump in the shower and pack the car in one hour. How am I supposed to reload this thing in such a short time?

Resco Backup to the rescue.

I have Resco doing scheduled backup's nightly using two different backup sets. One backup set backs up on alternate days, while the other set backs up the day in between. I do this in case I need to restore a backup set done two days prior.

I take out the SD card (where Resco stores the backup sets), do a hard reset, put the card back in, start Resco, select one set and reset the device. Nothing- still getting a reset loop.

I start over, but this time I use the alternate backup set, reset my Treo, and whala! All of my data is back along with my beloved Tomtom GPS software. Everything works perfectly.

I did all of this while I was still in bed, head on pillow, and barely awake with one eye open!

What a sigh of relief.

Check out Resco Backup for Palm OS here

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