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Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank goodness for Friday's

It's been forever since I've posted... Bad bad!

Seriously, I've been putting many hours at the office as of late- both during the day and off hours. I can't believe how much work there is- which is a blessing, I guess. Just as I've returned from bringing our newest plant online in El Paso, TX., now I move on to the next.

Another recent acquisition my company has made is Woods Industries. You may have seen their retail electrical products at Target or Home Depot. They're headqaurtered in Toronto, Canada, so guess what? A trip to that location is in my future. Think El Paso.

What else is going on?? It's nice to be running again after a two week layoff due to traveling and being ill. I'm looking forward to my 10 mile training run tomorrow!

So I have more to write, but my steak is here and my beer is getting warm... :-)

'til next time my friends!

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Blogger Ken Stewart said...

What an interesting way to record your posts... I think I'll read a few more... Good luck on the training run!

8:31 PM


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