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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Updated links and weekend wrap up

This weekend turned out to be a decent one. I'm on the tail end of a cold that's kept me on the down low since about Wednesday. The worst day was Friday, as I didn't leave work until 6 p.m., got a quick dinner, and crashed early. I ended up missing the grand opening of this great, new music/teen venue in Grayslake that will, I think, be a great benefit to the local music community here in Lake County. Let's hope so.

Saturday, Lidia and I went to a friends birthday party that started at Bistro 17 in downtown Waukegan, and ended at Bacci's directly across the street after an impromptu bar hopping quest through all of the bars on Genesee street. It ended up being a good time, and it was nice to revisit the downtown area. You can see some of the photos I shot as events unfolded on my Twitter page here- look for the "" links.

I will say that Bistro 17 and Bacci's are great little gems resting on what Waukegan hopes will become a bustling Genesee street in the downtown area. Bistro 17 will be showcasing local blues and jazz acts in the upstairs lounge area, and I hear the food at Bacci's is to die for. Follow the links above for more info on these venues.

My running schedule has been in the dumps since last Wednesday due to this crazy weather and my annoying head cold. It will become even more complicated as I leave for El Paso, TX. on Monday for business until Wednesday. I'll have to squeeze in a couple of miles in the warm weather down there!

So that's my weekend wrap up. I've updated the links under "Friends" on my page along the right with links to blogs by friends of mine. I really enjoy reading them, and hope you do too:

I'll be sure to write next from the great state of Texas!

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