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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nine miles to somewhere

I've been taking it a little easy since the Shamrock Shuffle this past Sunday. I did five miles this past Wednesday, but it was rather tough! I couldn't control my breathing for some reason, and my original plan to run eight miles didn't happen. There may be one small 5K race on my schedule before the Rockford half-marathon on May 18th. for a little more practice. The hotel room has already been reserved!

I'm due for my longest run yet at nine miles this Saturday. The longest I've run so far is eight, which went surprisingly well. My longest training run for the half marathon will be eleven miles, and that's sometime in early May- I can't wait to see how THAT'S going to turn out. I'm still quite healthy-no aches and pains, so I have a good feeling about these nine miles. I supposed we'll see!

See ya on the flip side.



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