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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Training Week One Down

Six mile training run with hills in Baraboo, Wi
Hill training in Baraboo, Wi., just outside of Devils Lake State Park.

Well, after some nice time off of no running the week of June 15, I started week one of my 16 week Chicago Marathon training program. I spent my last free weekend just thinking of the lessons I learned during last year's training. It's sort of a strange feeling, and my mindset is different going into the program. I have to eat better, sleep better, and my mind is constantly churning over the details of my upcoming long runs on the weekend- averaging now between 10 and 15 miles.

I ended week one with a trip up to Baraboo, Wi. and the Devils Lake area for a six mile run which included some major hill training. I think the hill training I concentrated on leading up to my personal best at the Northshore Half-Marathon really helped. God bless Highland Park, IL. for some of the most intense hills I've ever experienced in a race, as awful as they were!

Unfortunately, I started out kind of late in the morning, and it warmed up quite a bit when I got started. I also didn't bring enough water with me, so I was depending on the hydration I took in the night before. Even though I was doing ok, I could of used an extra 8 oz. of fluids. Yup, it's going to take another week or two of these hot weather runs to get things right.

The hills along my route in Baraboo were extreme enough that I ended up slightly bruising a tendon on the top of my right foot near the end, but it may have had something to do with my shoes being rather tightly tied. Fortunately, it happened near the end of my run, so the damage was minimal. The area is still a bit sore, and I've been icing it a bit. I will say that it was one of the most intense and satisfying training runs I've had in a long, long time!

On to week two for June 29. Here is my schedule the next few days:

Mon: 6 miles
Tue: Rest
Wed: 5 miles Speedwork
Thur: Stretching/Rest
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: Fourth of July 5K, then down to Chicago for another 9 miles for total of 12.
Sunday: Weights/Stretch

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Blogger Lindsay said...

That's where I plan on going tomorrow until Friday! :-D You'll have to let me know your route if you can plot it out and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time to run up there!

Also, I've had that same tendon bruising you've talked about. It sucks and hurts even when I was wearing normal shoes. I had to keep the laces really loose!

5:51 PM

Blogger runner-grrl said...

I can't believe chi is so close! I had my epiphany on that over the weekend. Your comments on eating, sleeping, etc, resonate well. I am thinking the same thing.

On the shoes tied too tight, I'm the poster child of what not to do. I hurt the tendon across the top of my right foot so badly by doing this, I literally thought I broke the foot. I missed my last race of the Spring season, and had to take two weeks off. Glad yours was very minor--I had no idea that suffering through that could actually damage my foot.

So, I signed up for Lewis & Clark last night and just booked my hotel. Are you in?!? It's perfect timing for chi: exactly 4 weeks before. --Alex

7:25 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

Alex- I remember reading about your foot trouble and thought of you when I injured it this weekend :) Thankfully, it's starting to feel better but still slightly sore. I learned my lesson! You're making Lewis&Clark sound tempting! I'm may just sign up by weeks end :)

8:18 AM

Blogger runner-grrl said...

Jesse, YES!! Do it! C'mon! It'll be a blast :-) So glad you didn't do what i did on the foot. Thankfully, it sounds like we are both in good shape for a great training season this summer. Whew!--Alex

10:28 AM


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