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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Troubles Persist

Well, it seems the annoying shin pain I've been suffering through on my runs is back. A couple of good runs on some new Brooks Defyance 2 shoes had me convinced I had licked the problem, but it has returned.

I'm struggling to find the reason as to why this is happening.

I can understand having pain running on worn out running shoes, so I went out and go new ones. The difference here is this is a redesigned model of the Brooks Defyance I've been running in until now. I found it a bit odd that I had to get these new shoes a whole size bigger so they feel right. After taking them on a few spins, I was feeling really good about them. Not so much now.

Something is different. I've read the sole was redone, but they look and feel fairly similar despite being a size bigger. They're beginning to feel a little awkward during my runs, and my shins are not liking the feeling right now. They get incredibly tight to the point where I have to stop and walk. The pain is close to excruciating at times, but only pops up during a run and only after 2 miles or so. After that, it's really hard to continue.

The problem is, I'm past the return date in the new shoes, so I'll have to eat the cost should they not work out. I'm looking to get a hold of the previous model of this same shoe to see if that is what is causing the issue. I haven't written off the Defyance 2 just yet, but I need to make sure it's the shoe, and not some sort of recurring injury. I'm desperate, really.

My training for the Chicago Marathon starts on June 22, and I'd really like to have this resolved before then- even before a 5K I have scheduled on June 13.

As I mentioned, I don't consider it an injury just yet, and I'm taking it as something being wrong with the mechanics of it all. I hope to find the answer soon.

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Anonymous Christy M (sis) said...

Okay I was handed a flyer with common running injuries and yours fits into "shin Splints" symptoms: soreness of shin, pain at beginning of run, better during run, sore afterward. Causes: overpronation, old shoes, running on concrete. Treatment: Strengthening exercises for anterior lower leg muscles, correct overpronation, run on softer surfaces. Let me know if you need a new fitting I know a great running store!!

4:37 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Thanks Christy! I've heard of those and as of now I'm currently in denial that that is what my problem is since I'm going through my shoe issue :) I had this problem the first time I recycled shoes and it went away. This shoe is new, so I'm trying to rule them out as the problem. I hope to be running in my previous model shoe soon. Crossing fingers!

5:16 PM

Anonymous Christy M said...

Also what 5k do you have planned. I am intrested in running my first race and if it's local I might be interested.

6:28 PM


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