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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Go! St. Louis half-marathon preparation

Go! St. Louis half-marathon race bib 4/19/09

I'm back in my hotel room after a rather uneventful drive into St. Louis, MO for the Go! St. Louis half-marathon. I did manage to bump down to the half marathon, after originally signing up for the full. I'm just not going to risk further injuring the knee. I really don't want to go through 8 more weeks of rehab! The half-marathon field is full at nearly 10,000 runners.

I met up with my friend Lindsay at the race expo, where I picked up some new sport sunglasses, after losing my last pair somewhere in Chicago over the winter. It was a nice expo, despite the soaking rain outside. As I sit in my room, I can already hear the thunder as storms approach. Later, we met up for dinner at a great restaurant near the race start and talked about what else? Running! She is doing her 2nd full marathon, and I wish her the best!

I'm planning for rain during the race, and will run no matter what. Of course, I hope it doesn't rain, but hopefully I'll be prepared for it. Fortunately, the start is a 15 minute walk from my hotel. When I'm finished, I'll come back to the room to wash up, and then head back to the race to hopefully see Lindsay finish.

I can't wait to get started!

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Blogger turtlescanrun said...

Good Luck tomorrow!! I'm sure you'll do great, I hope the rain holds off for you :)

11:06 PM


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