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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365/023: Saturday morning run

Project 365/023: Saturday morning run

How about an action shot, taken while on the road!

The forest preserve was empty when I arrived, even though the temperatures were hovering near 35F degrees- perfect running weather. Perfect enough, that I ran my speediest six miler since October, finishing in 00:51.

It's hard to believe I'll start training for marathon number one in a couple of weeks. I've decided on running the Rockford Marathon on May 16. This was the very first marathon I chose to run back in '08, but didn't make it due to work issues. I settled on running my first Chicago Marathon later that same year.

Now if only it would stop being so gloomy outside, I can get out there more often!



Blogger Lindsay said...

I'm so glad that you chose the Rockford Marathon! I start today for the training, 16 week schedule from Runner's World.

Woo! I'll see you up there in May, if not earlier!

1:18 PM

Blogger runner-grrl said...

Cool! Excited to hear about the marathon training! Will switch over to mary training myself on Monday (next Monday). --Alex

6:34 PM


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