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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 365/013: Thank you, Deer

Project 365/013: Thank you, Deer

Well, my day started out like any usual day, except I came home to a cold house and a furnace on the fritz. It's bed time as I write this, the house is still cold, and the furnace is still... on the fritz.

The only thing set to make my day better, is dinner with Katie and some friends.

Except a deer had a different idea.

My poor FJ met up with one on the way to dinner tonight, and caused quite a mess of the left side of my bumper.

That's not grass in that photo up there- it's deer hair. You should see the rest of the photos...

Yup, not a good day today.



Anonymous T said...

Wow!! that stinks! Where are the rest of the photo's? was the Deer? Did ya at least get some deer meat out of it? :)

12:16 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Ha! The other photos are just too painful to post :) We didn't see the deer afterwards, so it probably made it all the way across the street, but probably not very far.

9:22 AM


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