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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of work ahead

It's become pretty obvious during my last few runs how much my endurance has suffered in the time I've been off. My heart rate and breathing has labored a bit more than I'm used to, even after just a three mile run. I find it kind of interesting how the body can change over time. When it's not taken to its limit on an almost daily basis, it starts to deteriorate. Well, deteriorate is kind of a harsh word, but you get my drift.

It's to be expected I guess. I haven't had any big runs since January, and a crazy schedule has my usual training days scattered all to heck. I've been down this road before, and my body will remember what to do. I just have to get back on track.

The really good news is, my injury has not shown itself in quite some time now, which is a big relief. It will help me to concentrate on the road ahead, literally. I've said it a bunch of times before, I can't wait to start hitting those big miles.

For now, it's small runs all the way through. By this weekend, I hope to be back to five miles, and then in the double digits come the middle of May.

I can't wait.



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