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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Crazy working days

Well, the first week of National Blog Posting Month is almost over. I didn't do too bad except for the rather lame post last night- all sleepy-eyed and everything. The weekend is here and time to take it easy.

I've babbled on before how crazy work is due to a year-long project that is just about to wrap up. My company is doing away with its old data line carrier and moving to a new one. The entire process was time consuming and grueling and times. We're so close to wrapping up I can taste it. I've had four weeks of vacation available to me, but barely used any of it because of all the work involved moving over all 13 of our locations nationwide. My schedule is a bit more relaxed nowadays as we wind down into the holidays.

Ahh the holidays- I find it hard to believe they're almost here. I may finally be able to take a week off during Christmas and not think about work at all. We've had two of our staff leave within a two month period, so I've had to take on other responsibilities. I shouldn't complain, after all. I'm happy where I am- even after almost 11 years! IT is what I do. There are still so many challenges ahead, and look forward to learning new things. I wonder where that path will take me...

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