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Friday, April 20, 2007

Crazy week!

Bits and Bytes

It's been quite the busy week. It's always nice to decompress with a cold beverage and, uhm, a blog post on a Friday!

-Monday: Found out I'm joining my boss on a trip to visit my company's latest acquisition fresh off of going public. This place is nearly twice the size. It's my job to assess their technology needs.

-Tuesday: Picked up Guitar Hero for xBox 360 on my lunch at Best Buy. Fortunately, they were nicely stocked. Got a jump start on prepping for the radio show since I'll be traveling Thursday.

-Wednesday: Conference calls all day on a new project. More prep for the radio show Thursday night. Made plans to have Robyn and Kain keep Mooney company at the radio station since Sam and I will be gone.

-Thursday: Road trip! Two and a half hour drive each way minus traffic. Not much scenery in Indiana. It's flat. Period. The aquisition is in better shape than I thought technology-wise, but could use an overhaul. It's nearly a quarter of a mile long! Came home late evening and broke open the Guitar Hero and shredded for a bit.

-Friday: Back in the office. More conference calls. Organized all of my paperwork and gathered some 'homework' for the weekend. Had a quick drink before heading over to Lidia's.

I'm looking forward to that 80 degrees on Sunday!

'til next time.


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