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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Vista desktop it is!

An Update to this post:

After a long struggle with making up my mind on what OS to get on a new computer I was purchasing, I decided on an HP a1730n Vista Home Premium desktop.

The why on an HP desktop? I've always either built my own computers, or purchased them built from the ground up through a local dealer. I've never really been a big fan of retail PC's, so I really had to do my research. I've dealt with HP at my job and don't have too many bad things to say about them, plus retail PC's have come a long way in terms of technology on the inside.

The why on Windows Vista? I love Mac's. They're powerful and beautiful machines. And very good at what they do. At the job, I support over 300 Windows XP PC's and one Mac (can you guess which department?). We'll be upgrading to Vista at some point in time, so I'd figure I get my feet wet on the OS now. Besides, Microsoft's never ending quest to patch up all that is broken with their software is job security for me and my team, don't you think?

The Specs:
  • Dual-core 2.4 ghz AMD Athlon processor
  • 2gb of DDR2 SDRAM memory (expandable to 4gb)
  • 320gb 7200RPM hard drive (nice!)
  • All in one DVD and CD burner
  • nVidia GeForce graphics card with on-board 128mb memory
  • More memory card reader and USB/Firewire ports than you can shake a stick at.

First impressions:
  • This thing is WHISPER quiet. I had to make sure the fans were actually running. Quite impressive.
  • Noticeably faster than my old box- WAY faster.
  • Removed all of the extra CRAP software that came pre-loaded - much cleaner desktop now.
  • Windows Vista is VERY nice- rock solid. A bit of a learning curve to move around in at first, but the familiar Windows XP stuff is just under the shiny surface of the OS.
  • "Cancel or Allow"- Remember the PC/Mac guy commercial with the FBI'ish guy in the background? I laughed when I first saw this pop-up on my screen. It comes up whenever you try to install software in Vista. Annoying at first, but not much of a bother anymore.
  • It bugs you whenever something tries to mess with system files - again, annoying, but I know the security is working.
  • Windows Media Center ROCKS! My Cable TV-tuner installed with no problems and I'm able to watch, pause, rewind, and record live TV. I spend a lot of time in here.
  • My Xbox 360 took about 2 minutes to connect up to Media Center on my wireless network - it 'extends' all of your media to the Xbox. Again, impressive and works like a charm.
  • All of my old software still works in Vista.
  • Palm still needs to work on a compatible version of Palm Desktop for my Treo to sync up properly. I sure wish they'd get with it already.
  • Not many bad things to say about it yet, but time will tell.
Overall, I'm happy with my decision. I can do my work without a hitch now, and I'll have more updates as I hammer away at it.

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