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Friday, May 04, 2007

Resco Backup = Life saver

I wanted to give props to one of the more important Treo 700p applications I own- Resco Backup. If you're into trying out the latest Palm applications when they're released like I am, you're going to want a good backup solution to get you out of a jam when things go wrong.

I recently ran into a major problem with my Treo. For whatever reason, almost every icon on my Palm launcher would reset my 700p. Only a select few apps would actually launch when I clicked on them. I did load a couple of apps earlier in the week, but didn't really notice a problem until later on.

After uninstalling the suspected apps, I was still running into the same problem. I was leaving on a trip out of town and really needed my Treo to work properly before getting started. After a reset or two to no avail, I fired up Resco Backup hoping that the scheduled backup it made at 1 a.m. earlier that morning worked. It did.

I did a full restore off of the SD card and reset the phone. Everything came up without any errors, the resets were gone, and I suffered no data loss.

Resco Backup came through again and saved the day.

Check out all of the great Resco apps at or try Resco Backup here.

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