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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Treo 755P official - no real 'wow' here

I've been pouring over all of my feeds this morning to read the news on the official announcement of the Sprint Treo 755P. Although I wasn't expecting anything major in this new device other than the form factor, I'm still disappointed that there really isn't anything new that my 700P doesn't already have.

Same processor, same memory, no upgrade to bluetooth 2.0, no wi-fi (which I don't really care about), same Palm OS version, same applications with new additions including Voice control, and an IM client.

I am digging the new form factor though, and the mini-SD slot... not so much.

Nothing in the specs of this new device really 'wowed' me per say, but being a shameless early-adopter of the latest and greatest gadgets, I may take this one for a spin when it comes out in about a week. I'll take it in midnight blue please....

Then again, I may wait to see what the upcoming 700P maintenance release has to offer. Decisions, decisions....

I've collected a bunch of 755P posts and added them to my shared feeds page.

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Blogger Steven Vance said...

Palm really needs to get to work on the next OS. The current offering looks like a child's OS. It's still better than Windows Mobile, because it's...well, Windows.

The new form factor is nice. The antenna stump has always bothered me.

11:45 AM


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