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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Running Log 9/16/07- Condell 5K results

What: 31st Annual Condell Distance Classic
Sept. 16, 2007
Start time: 8:10 a.m.

Finish time: 0:27:35.1
Overall Finish Place: 180 out of 559
Overall Male Group Finish Place: 123 out of 261
Overall Age Group Finish Place: 22 out of 40
Average Time per mile: 08:35.9

See the complete race results

I'm very happy with these results. I beat my personal best time of 30 minutes for a 3.1 miler. Getting 180th place out of 559 isn't too bad either.

I started my day at 5 a.m., gathered my things, and arrived at Condell around 7 a.m. to check in and begin warming up. The air temp was still in the upper 40's and chilly! I was just a little nervous, but driving the course the day before made me relax a bit because I knew what to expect. Starting to run in that big crowd at the Starting line was something else, and an experience I won't soon forget.

I started out strong. I was a bit surprised to look at my watch at mile one and see that I was at eight minutes- a little early considering I was averaging ten minute miles during practice. Still, I felt good, had a lot of energy, the course was mostly flat, and the nagging knee pain I had earlier in the week was non-existent. The training I had during my two years running Cross Country during high school played a big part in how good I felt.

I missed the first water station completely because I was zoned into my run. I thought that may have been a mistake, but I hydrated myself well enough before the run that I didn't miss it. I did grab water at the 2nd water station near the 3 mile mark, but ended up with water up my nose! Let me tell you, drinking water out of a paper cup at 5K pace (6.5 mph) is more of a challenge than I expected! Put a check mark in the practice column for that one.

I had one guy run out of gas after about two miles right in front of me. He came out of nowhere along my left side, crossed in front of me, and slowed down so fast that I nearly ran into him. All I remember seeing is a blur zoom right by me.

I felt great coming up to the finish and picked up the pace about double what I was doing during the last half mile. I stopped so fast crossing the finish line that I nearly tripped with all of the momentum I had. Sorry to the girl I planted my face on the middle of her back!

Hopefully this is a start on the road to Chicago's 13 mile Distance Classic next year- my overall goal marathon.

God willing.

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