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Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday's are.... Monday's

Ugh. It really felt like a Monday today- back to work and back to school. I haven't had a serious workout at the gym since my run on Thursday. I went for a couple of hours on Saturday, but I was totally not into it. I could tell, because I didn't stretch before OR after my 5 mile run, and I was really feeling it. I'm mostly taking it easy because of my knee, and I can't wait to start up full steam ahead this week.

I've made an executive decision to run the 5 mile Rudolph Ramble in Chicago on December 9. I was ready to take a break from races for the rest of the year, but I had so much fun on the last one that I said, "What the heck?" Nothing's really stopping me. Plus, it keeps me motivated to stay in shape over the winter months.

I've got a busy week, and December is starting to fill up with fun stuff as well which I'm sure you'll hear more of right here! Right now, it's time for bed!

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