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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey at least I'm running...

Ok, so NaBloWriMo has been a major fail so far :) Writing a blog post every day through the month of November has proven to be quite a challenge, as you can tell. How about a post a little more often than usual? I can work with that. I guess life gets in the way sometimes.

I did my first longish run of six miles since Chicago last weekend, and noticed that my heart rate was quite higher than it should have been for a workout of that length. It was a little bit of a shocker since it's been a while since I experienced something like that. I'm pretty sure it stems from my lack of running since the marathon. If anything, it brought me back to earth and reminded me that I should get off my ass and start working out again. A six mile run this weekend was much, much better and felt pretty strong. Hopefully, I'll get back in shape quick.

That being said, I signed up for my very first 10K race on Thanksgiving. I've yet to run an official 10K, so it's going to be a new notch in the books for me. I'm not quite sure what my best 6 mile run is, so I'll have to look it up to have something to shoot for. I'm excited!

This week is my last full week before the Thanksgiving holiday. I only have a two day workweek next week, and simply can't wait for the break. I'm a bit taken back by how early the whole Christmas thing has started this year. I saw xmas merchandise out over Halloween weekend! Still, I like getting involved in that whole Black Friday craziness. Maybe this time I'll actually get an early start on my shopping, instead of waiting until the very last minute!

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