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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project 365/045: Milwaukee Lakefront

Project 365/045: Milwaukee Lakefront

Katie and I had a really nice Valentines day. It started out with a breakfast buffet at Molly Cools in downtown Milwaukee, and then headed down along the lakefront to see if the dog sledding demo's were still running. The demo's were already over, and instead we went for a brief glimpse of the frozen shoreline.

It was deceivingly beautiful outside, and very cold!

We ended the day with a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game, of course!

I think I'm all caught up with my Project 365 photos, part of the delay having to do with a bad laptop battery keeping me from uploading on time.

Visit my Project 365 Flicker photo set for the rest!



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Hello, im brazilian... your project is beautiful. Sorry to poor english, ok. I donĀ“t speak your language. @fhturismo

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