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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Project 365/034: Medals of Honor

Project 365/034: Medals of Honor

This is the current state of my race medals, resting in a pile on my stereo speaker next to my Xbox360.

I know it looks terrible, but I've been on the hunt for the proper way to display them nicely. I've been quite picky about it, since they mean so much to me. All of them are covered in sweat, dirt, and at times, blood. Each one has its own unique story- memories of which pop into my head when I hold each one.

I'm thinking a glass case to either hold all of them at once, or one case or frame for each? I have the race bib to go along for each of these races, so the one-case-each plus bib would work. I'll figure something out.

On the running front:

I don't officially start training for the Rockford Marathon until the 15th of this month. I have, however, been really busy putting in some maintenance miles and strength conditioning since early January. As I'd mentioned in a previous post, my efforts have almost tripled in intensity compared to this time last year.

I'm still averaging 10 to 15 miles per week, but the efforts have been hard. The treadmill work is done one or twice during the week coupled with strength training. Long runs (if you'd call them that) between 5 and 7 miles are done on the weekend.

I'm hoping to squeeze a bit more daylight out of a run outside during the week to keep off that god forsaken treadmill. I've still been able to ward off any knee issues this winter, which has me all smiles.

Keep on keeping on!

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Blogger runner-grrl said...

Nice! Some well-earned medals in there :-) be sure to post the final solution picture as well. --Alex

1:57 PM


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