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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365/030: Cycling & Running Expo day

Project 365/030: Cycling & Running Expo day

I took a trip up to Milwaukee today to check out the Multisport Cycling & Running Expo taking place this weekend. Being cooped up mostly indoors this winter has me itching to be around runners and running, since I haven't done as much of it this season.

It wasn't too bad. Most of the exhibits centered around Triathlons, with not much of the running stuff present. For an expo that bills itself as the largest in the Midwest, well, it really wasn't.

Oh, and to the organizers of the s0-called "largest running & cycling expo in the Midwest," how about making up a banner or two to place OUTSIDE of the venue so we know where you are? The Wisconsin State Fair park is HUGE, and this little expo was tucked in this tiny little building with not a sign to be seen. I spent almost a half hour looking for it. I'm yelling at someone, anyone...

Well, that's off my chest.

I did get an interesting seminar on nutrition out of it, and I was quite fascinated by the bicycle time-trials competition (picture above) that were taking place at the many live sporting events people were participating in.

And I did feel an itch to do a triathlon someday.


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