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Friday, April 07, 2006

The GDC Part 3: What a pack rat I am!

Man do I have a TON of junk on these computers.

I've been spending the last couple of weeks going through ALL of my data on the 3 computers I use the most and TRASHING the junk I no longer need. It's amazing how much junk one can accumulate over the years.

I'm collecting all of my photos and placing them all on my home computer's "My Photos" folder in My Documents. I've gone and gathered all of my music files and put them in the My Music folder and then imported them in to iTunes if they weren't already to get them all organized.

The documents (word, excel, etc.) are taking up most of my time since Windows provides no way of thumbnailing these things before having to open them and viewing the contents.

The ultimate goal, as I had mentioned before, is to be able to get to them through my Treo (or through a PC web browser) whenever I need to. I'll be detailing the applications I'll be using to do that in my next article.

On to more digging around...


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