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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bluetooth headsets cut the wires

I got an email from a user of a Treo based forum I follow concerning bluetooth headsets and the new Treo 700P which I'll include here just for fun:

"I am new to the bluetooth world so this may be a dumb question. Does the JX10 do stereo? Obviously it only has one earpiece so the answer should be obvious, but I had to ask. If not, then what in your opinion is the best stereo (bluetooth) headset? I don't want to carry around a bunch of gear on my motorcycle or anywhere else. I like to travel light (hence the 700P). And up to now the phone has been my primary use, but going from the (Treo) 600 to the 700 and given all the additional options that come with it, I want to optimize my new toy.

The Jabra JX10 is a mono headset and won't do stereo. It's a gorgeous device and it performs well with the 700P. There's a lot of talk of the 700P's bluetooth losing connection with headsets, but it hasn't really affected me. This seems to be a phone problem and hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware upgrade later on if there really is a problem.

As far as bluetooth stereo headsets go I've tried the Motorola HT820's and the Jabra BT620.

Both work nicely as phone headsets.

In order to hear stereo music through these headsets, you'll need Softick Audio Gateway (, but you'll have to wait until the 700P version is out in 2 to 3 weeks. This is an amazing piece of software and works rock solid on both headsets with Pocket Tunes or other audio player. I highly recommend it to take full advantage of these headsets.

The Motorola HT820's were a bit uncomfortable after about an hour of use, and I didn't like the way they looked on my head overall. Very nice headset and rock solid.

I kept the Jabra BT620's simply for its slimmer profile headphones and comfortability. The only problem I have with this headset is that the control buttons on each earpiece are large and very sensitive when pressed. They get pressed easily in a bag by accident which may cause them to drain the battery. Putting them in a CD sized hard carrying case solved the problem. There is a bright blue light the flashes on each earpiece when connected via bluetooth, but there is a way to turn this useless feature off unless you want to walk around looking like a flashing robot.

Taking full advantage of the improved bluetooth features of the 700P really make this smartphone shine and makes your experience with it truly wireless.


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