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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Running Log 9/23/07

(These are boring, I know)

Miles: 3.5
Avg. Speed: 6.1 mph
Time: 38:06:50

I took four day's of rest after my first 5K on Sept. 16, and started back up with a light run on Friday and a long run on Sunday. I'm on my way to doubling my mileage to 6.21 miles (10K) which I'd like to complete in about 54 minutes.

I'm experimenting with changing up the way I breathe when running because I don't think I was getting enough oxygen. I felt like I was losing energy during my long runs. I was breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, so I decided to reverse that during my run on Sunday, and it made quite the difference. It's amazing how such a small adjustment can completely change the way I feel when running. Now the challenge is to train my brain to get used to my breathing method. Concentrate!

I'll be filling out the paperwork for another 5K this week. This next one takes place in Fox River Grove on October 21. I'd like to get one more race in before the really cold weather sets in.

This week I will be doing some strength training with some short runs in between a few busy days before I leave for another camping trip near the end of the week.

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