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Friday, October 12, 2007

Keeping sane is good for you

Ever since I've ratcheted up my workouts at the gym a couple of weeks before my previous 5K race, I've felt better. My body is going through some interesting changes as I introduce it to more rigorous workouts and healthier foods.

I've already run a total of 12.5 miles since Saturday and feel quite amazing, actually. I've been falling asleep so fast, and sleeping deeper than ever, that I wake up quite alert- it's an interesting feeling- kind of hard to describe. I've been experimenting with various foods that keep me fueled through the workouts, although my stomach can't help but wonder what the hell is going on! More carbs, protein, fruits, vegetables, yogurts, skim milk, power bars... I've never been so regular in my life.

After resting up this past Thursday, and a light workout today, I'll be hitting the trails at beautiful Independence Grove on Saturday for a semi-long run of 6 miles in preparation for my next 5K on Oct. 21. I can't wait to get outside and away from the gym for a while.

This weekend will be fairly tame. Saturday I may hit up the Extreme 2007 sports event in McHenry of which I have free tickets to from the radio station. Then, I've got to catch up on some Jstreet stuff on Sunday.

Next week will be interesting. I start classes on Oct. 22, so I have to reorganize my schedule to get my workouts in early in the morning instead of the afternoon, which will be reserved for school stuff.

Oh, and notice that "Nike+ Profile" box along the right column of my blog? I (and you) can track my runs as they happen with a new running gadget I've been playing with- more on that in a later post.

Bye for now!

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Anonymous La Teacher =) said...

Hey amigo! I'm hoping to spice up my training for next year's marathon as well. Now that I renewed at the gym - I expect to see some changes! Will be adding more resistance training to my cardio/runs. Never ran on trails though...the pic looks inviting!

9:29 PM

Blogger Jesse Mendoza- said...

The trails are easy on your legs, depending on what their made of. The scenery is also a big plus!

7:55 AM


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