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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Running Log 10/14/07

I ran my longest run to date this past Saturday- 5 miles. I felt strong all the way through until I came near to the end of my run- I was THIRSTY!

Still, I really enjoyed a change of scenery from the gym. I was focused so much on the trail in front of me, that I didn't really get to 'enjoy' the scenery until mile 4 when I took a few minutes to look around. I was north of the rt. 137 bridge, on the trail that runs over the wetland, just west of the park.

This run served up quite a few lessons:

1. Water is a runners BEST friend! Although I was properly hydrated, the sun unexpectedly came out around mile 3 and it quickly drained me out. I took a quick drink during my change of clothes at mile 2, but it wasn't enough. I know to carry some water with me next time.

2. Who said it was fall already? Although I was dressed for temperatures in the lower 50's, I was already regretting wearing those comfy, warm clothes after the first mile! Fortunately, I set up my makeshift "relief station" just after mile 2, and stripped down to my shirt and shorts- much better!

3. Must eat at least an hour before my run: I had something to eat before I set off, but I didn't run until after two hours of eating my breakfast. Although I didn't feel hungry, I didn't feel that energy you feel after a decent meal. I ended up taking my tasty strawberry/banana energy gel before setting off, and it did the trick.

As I was struggling, dying of thirst on my last mile, guess what song came on on my iPod? "It's the End of the World as we Know It" by R.E.M.! How convenient.

I couldn't help but laugh the rest of the way.

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