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Friday, November 30, 2007

Goodbye NaBloPoMo! It's been nice


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Well, I did it.

My official count was 28 posts in 30 days. I got started one day late, and I missed one other day. Not too shabby for National Blog Posting Month coming from only posting a couple of days a week.

It's been frustrating, maddening, therapeutic, calming, nerve wrecking, and satisfying all at once. I even learned a few things about myself along the way, and no doubt you probably did too. Not only that, but I have some new-found friends as well.

So I will continue to blog here; probably not every single day, but often. I'm on a roll, why stop now?

So for my last post of this month, I will celebrate with my fellow NaBloPoMo bloggers in posting 7 random and weird things about myself:

1. I experimented with smoking a cigarette when I was younger with my best friend in his garage only because we both thought it was cool. I thought nothing of it and thought it was dumb, so I never picked up the habit. My friend, on other hand, became a smoker.

2. I once choked on a candy Life Saver that went down my airway while I was sucking on it laying in bed. My mom had to force it out. The only way I could breathe was through the little hole.

3. I don't like eating jelly filled donuts. At some point in my life I started eating a donut-type dessert that I thought was, well, a donut (without the hole of course), only to find out it had a gooey surprise in the center. I was scarred for life.

4. I failed a previous employers required hearing test at 18 years old. They said I had the hearing loss of a 30 year-old male at the time. Say what?

5. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be a fireman. I would set small fires on purpose only to put them out with a garden hose. Then I got my first computer- a TRS-80 my dad bought me at Radio Shack. I loved the thing! I started to program my own computer games, and thought that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Instead, when my computer broke, I fixed it myself, and the computer geek in me was born.

6. I once stayed for a few days at a friends farm in Tennessee and rode a cow. I was also dared to touch my tongue on the electric fence, that, my friends, was a no go.

7. I once had my own zoo in the back yard of a house I grew up in. I had bullfrogs, turtles, toads, a chameleon, and a couple of garter snakes. It wasn't until I tried to feed a chicken egg to the snakes that one bit me, so I let them go after a good cry.

Until next time!

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