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Friday, January 11, 2008

I love special deliveries

A new IBM Blade server arrived at the office today. These things usually come pre-configured at the factory, but not this one. I got the OK to set it up myself, which is always a joy! (until I break it, anyway).

The workload at the office has eased a bit after a couple of hectic holiday weekends. Since half of the planet (or so it seems) are at home on vacation, the holiday's are ideal time to setup for the large upgrades to software that require downtime. This means I get to spend some time at work during the holidays, unless I'm dialed in from home.

This is going to be an exciting year at the job, I think. My company has made yet another large acquisition, and as the network admin for IT, it's my responsibility to oversee the integration.

We're also going to revamp our entire server environment to support the new additions, which will bring on even more challenges in the weeks ahead- and lots more special deliveries!

2008 is off to a nice start.

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Blogger Jessica said...

Sounds like you're in for a good/busy year at work ;)

Thanks for the comment on my page too! Definitely feels good to be writing again.

10:16 PM

Blogger L*I*S*A said...

You sound exactly like my hubby, the Network Engineer! None of it makes sense to me, but to him it's alright!

12:04 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

Yea... I get that a lot!

7:01 PM


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