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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sprint Palm Centro: First Impressions

It's my birthday today...

Sprint Palm Centro

... and since I've had another pretty good year on earth, I decided to splurge a bit and treat myself to a new Palm Centro smartphone on Sprint!

I struggled between getting a red one, or a black one, and decided on black because, well, it pretty much matches the rest of my gadgets- and it sure is purdy.

So far so good...

My first impressions:

1. Black is nice and it sparkles!
2. It's fast, and Palm OS just works.
3. All of my software works on it including corporate Exchange sync via Chatteremail. (even though the store said it wouldn't)
4. I can still tether with my laptop for fast internet.
5. Indicator light on front doesn't flash when new voicemail/TXT arrives.
6. Navigation buttons are flush and have no tactile feel.
7. All of my Treo 755P accessories work on it.
8. Volume blows away any other Treo before it.
9. Included Pocket Tunes Deluxe is awesome.
10. Screen is smaller, but still 320x320 high resolution and looks better than my 755P.
11. Size is lighter and smaller. Very pocket friendly.
12. Camera is better.
13. You have to open battery door to access the mini-SD card (blah!)

I'm very impressed so far, and although it's not a major upgrade to my Treo 755P, it does have it's advantages.

More on why I decided to purchase the Centro and some final thoughts in a following post.



Anonymous duke said...

Congrats on the New Centro. I am surprised with Palm's success of this device, given the fact that the OS is basically 10 years old with very little changes. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Palm Hater at all! Used them for years and at times, miss the Phone First attitude that Palm OS had! Looking forward to hearing more of your takes on this very pocketable device! Its certainly priced right!

Me, I am enjoying a brand new HTC TyTN II! Incredible device for sure!

4:50 PM


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