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Monday, February 25, 2008

Marching Ahead

I'm writing this on the eve of yet another predicted snow storm that is to hit our area tonight into Tuesday morning. I've just about had enough of this winter, and am ready for nicer weather. I sure hope this is the last storm of the season.

My Rockford half-marathon training is moving along. I only put in 10 of my scheduled 12 miles last week due to some traveling I had to do. This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to get a break in the weather and do four miles at Independence Grove forest preserve. All of the trails are still snow covered, so I was stuck running the main road, which is just over a mile long.

This week I'm due for 17 miles, but I'm afraid the oncoming storm may either set me back a few miles, or force me to run on the dreadmill at the gym. In either case, I'm looking forward to the extra mileage because I've been feeling great as of late.

Here is what my training schedule looks like this week:

Mon: Weights lower body/2 miles easy
Tue: Rest/cross train
Wed: 6 miles hard @ 8:57 min. pace
Thur: 2 miles easy
Fri: Rest/cross train
Sat: 7 miles @ 9:45 min. pace
Sun: Rest

Happy running!

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