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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Race Report- Skirtchaser 5K

Girl power- the top three finishers (left to right)

Race: Skirtchaser 5K, Arlington Heights, IL.

Gosh, I was so, so close to having a new personal best time in the 5K.

00:26:37 (Garmin time)

My best is 00:26:01.

It was hot folks; really hot. Almost 38 seconds off- 38 seconds which seems an eternity in the final stretch. I got one good kick in just before the finish, but it was a little too early, and I had pretty much exhausted what I had left in the tank.

Surprisingly, my Garmin finished clocking 3.11 miles within sight of the Finish banner, and I wasn't even at the finish yet. I heard from one other runner (thanks Kelly!) who said her Garmin clocked a total of 3.25 miles on the course. Perhaps the measure was off, which would kill any chance of me beating my time anyway.

It was HOT out there. I had made a very last minute decision to strap on my hydration belt with one bottle of Gatorade, and I'm glad I did. There was one water station on the entire course near mile 1.5. The folk at the table, bless their hearts, were behind in pouring the glasses, so the line got backed up. All I wanted was a glass over my head.

If only I hadn't stopped, I would of made my PR. Oh well, that water sure felt good going over my head.

I'm happy with my time considering the conditions.

It was a good time, and learned a couple of good lessons for the next one.

As for the final results? The top three finishers were all women- apparently a first for the Skirtchaser series. The guys were left in the dust... way to go ladies!

On to my first 10K (6.25 miles) race on June 29th in Wauconda.

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Blogger Lindsay said...

Congrats on the time. It was pretty hot out there. I thought I saw you. You were standing in the grass when I was in the crowd ready to take off.

CARA has official times up on their site.

3:35 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

I may have been pacing around the grass side before the mens start!

I'm not sure I trust the official results since they list me as a "Female" and my age is zero, even though I registered it correctly! I'm sticking with my Garming GPS time.

3:59 PM


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