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Monday, June 16, 2008

Run Log 6-16-06: 4 Mile Run

Today I decided to run at Van Patten Woods forest preserve near Wadsworth, IL. I hadn't run here since November of last year when I was still healing from a knee injury.

The trails today really sucked. The gravel on the trail is made of larger pebbles, instead of the powdery, limestone gravel found in other Lake County forest preserves. It felt as though each step was slipping out from under me, and I kept fighting to keep a grip. The trail is also run down by horses, making it really uneven in places. It took forever for me to find a good groove, and the paved streets were so tiny, I didn't want to run on them for fear of getting hit.

My legs were SCREAMING to stop running today.

This after running a fast 5K on Saturday, and doing five miles on the bike on Sunday, I was taking it easy completing the four miles on my schedule today. I had to take a couple of walks to shake off the intense pain in my shins.

I sucked it up, though. I know there will me more days like this.

Here is my training schedule for the upcoming week:

Tues: Rest
Wed: 6 miles
Thurs: 3 miles
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8 miles

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