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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Running Log 11-10-07

I had a disappointing run today.

My intent was to run six miles this morning that turned out to only be three as my left knee began to hurt not even a mile into my run.

I'm a bit confused as to what happened. I was doing so well with my lighter runs the past couple of weeks, with no pain whatsoever- I'm talking walking, light running, weights, bikes, steps... the only difference this morning was that I was outdoors and around 50 degrees. I specifically chose to run at Van Patten forest preserve in Wadsworth because of its vast network of softer gravel trails.

Perhaps it was the colder temperatures? Although I was dressed warmly, I elected to run in shorts because I knew I was going to get warm the further I ran. I've run in these temperatures before, although not much. Either way, something is still wrong and I have to take care of it.

My feelings right now? I'm finding it hard to keep my spirits up since the morning, but I know I will get through this- I have to.

It's important to me.

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