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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Holy Grocery List Batman!

Meh... the post title is kind of lame... oh well... it's late!

This is sort of an addendum to this post where I talk about the fact that I'm considerably hungrier ever since I've ramped up my marathon conditioning.

Well, I spent the most I've ever spent on groceries this week! I've got some serious food here people... we're talking all the healthy goodness to keep me fueled up for these 13 mile weeks that I've been putting in- with even more miles to come.

Still, my weight has remained the same, never really moving out of the usual 125 to 128 pound range that I've registered most of my life. I no longer crave the junk I usually spoil myself with when I'm constantly on the go:
  • Coke (now usually replaced by chocolate milk)
  • French fries (I get an upset stomach nowadays when I eat these)
  • M&M's and LOTS of sweets (my dentist will thank me for this one)
  • Fast food joints (OK, so I cheat SOMETIMES)
Miles since Saturday: 14.20

Here's my schedule for the next few days as I prepare for the Turkey Trot in Chicago!:

Today: 3 miles (done)
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 3 miles
Saturday: 6 miles (unless my knee tells me otherwise)
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3 miles
Tues: 3 miles
Wed: 3 miles

I've got a super busy day at the office tomorrow. Catch ya on the flip side...

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