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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekends must be longer

I just got back from a good one on one with my math book doing homework for my class. I must admit that I actually enjoyed it- especially when I knew what the hell I was doing. Actually, using a pencil and paper isn't too bad after all- a good escape from the usual keyboard and mouse!

I had a good weekend. I spent a big part of it rehabbing my left knee, going on a 4.5 mile run Saturday, and then hitting the bicycle at the gym on Sunday. No matter how much I abused it this weekend, it still doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. Saturday's run brought on some knee pain after about 2.5 miles. I've got a pretty good hunch that running on that paved trail might have something to do with my knee getting banged up. My plan for this coming week is to rest it up, and do some walk/running on a softer surface. I've got my eye on a spring marathon, but having this in the back of my head has me a bit panicked.

I went to a friends birthday party/bonfire Saturday night. There were a lot of young Whipper Snappers there, and a good part of the evening was spent listening to them talk about getting high, getting drunk, being 18 and cool to be drinking from a keg, and puking in weird places. It was entertaining to say the least.

This week I'll be traveling to Indiana on business, then more of the studying stuff for my first big test on Wednesday!

I'm ready. Bring it on (notice the forced positive attitude!)

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Anonymous lynn said...

forced positive attitude....does it work? I need something, heh, :)

7:44 AM

Blogger Jesse said...

It takes a lot out of ya, let me tell you :)

7:54 AM


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