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Friday, November 02, 2007

Ok, I'm game: NabloPoMo

Just found out it's National Blog Posting Month - one blog post for every day in the month of November, although can you tell I'm behind? One day isn't so bad, I guess. Although I could cheat and back-date my post, but NO. Perhaps I'll get points for my honesty and win one of these cool prizes :-)

So here I go. I'll probably fail miserably, or bore my faithful readers to death!

As for Nov. 1? I spent the day at the office in meetings and conference calls about firewalls, T1 circuits, and corporate web filters (see? you're bored already!)

I also spent sporadic periods during my day trying to figure out how I can get a hold of a Palm Centro to play with before returning it to the store in favor of my trusty 755P (!) It will be interesting to see how I can pull that one off...

Today, after work, I will attempt to run two or more miles to see how my knee feels. I ran 2.5 miles on Wednesday with no problems, so I'm looking forward to hitting the pavement to see how I feel.

Chat again tomorrow!



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