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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Makeover

I took some time to fix up my blog a bit- I got tired of the standard Blogger design and got adventurous enough to fiddle with the code to make it look pretty.

The larger design you see up at the top is actually a photo of the large tattoo along my right shoulder and upper arm taken from this silly self portrait. The photo on the left is of my Treo.

I've added the "Top posts at Treonybbles" section along the right to highlight some of the more popular articles on here. I'll be adding more as they come along. The "My Shared Feed Clips" is also updated regularly to highlight some of the articles I've been reading as of late.

I wanted to give props to a neat web application that I bumped into not too long ago called Fotoflexer - it's basically a free online digital photo editor (advertiser supported). If you're not up to spending big bucks on photo editing software for your digital prints, this is a nice alternative- and you can use it on any computer with an internet connection because nothing has to be installed locally. The new graphics on this site were done using Fotoflexer. I highly recommend it!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks so much for sticking with me up to this point!

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Anonymous FotoFlexer Team said...

Great looking site -- glad to hear you enjoy FotoFlexer! We're always eager to hear new ideas from users, so please send us any suggestions at

The FotoFlexer Team

2:54 PM

Blogger Duke said...

Nice new look! I like it!

4:58 AM

Blogger Jesse Mendoza- said...

Thanks so much for the comments- and thank you for reading!

7:52 AM


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